Rhein Main Brats Reunion 2002

Rhein Main Brats Go To Orlando!

Did you miss it? We met in Orlando June 27 through June 29 and had a wonderful time. Don't worry - we're planning another one in Las Vegas in 2004. Read comments below and view photos here.

Attendees (have I left anyone out? Let me know!):

Egg Usinger
Kim Libby Mitchell
Kathy Marshall
Rudy Heim
Sally Haffner
Suzi Blankenship-Campbell
Carol Priest Ciotti
Becky Marshall Grill
Thomas Howard
Ginny Pate Howard
Kathy Tripp Bonney
Patty Tripp Jackson
Judy Orser
Lester English
Vic Miera
Barbara Swalley Mohon
Lex Mohon
Michelle Chisholm Chappell
Dave Heath
Curtis Hammond
Sherry Sexton Butler
Sherry BradleyWarrington
Kathy Lombard
Linda Houghton Montgomery
Jacque Marshall
Carolyn Cavanaugh
Leon Thomas
Debi Petriscak Onken
Kevin Robinson
Bill Brown
Charlie Tyner


"As we start to touch down to earth, and as the soreness in our cheeks dissipates (cracking up at the reunion AND all the way home), it's time to say Thank You . . . For me, looking into the faces of the treasured R/M past was completely overwhelming and still is. How'd we get such a fabulous group of folks all in one place, then and now?"

"Isn't it time to do it again? Sorry for being such a hold out - I just couldn't imagine having that much fun with people we haven't exchanged words with in 30 years."

"We certainly do have an enormous amount of talent in this group! I can't remember the last time I was so completely entertained. . . . For those who did not make it, you were truly missed. I lost track of all the names that were mentioned with "too bad.....couldn't make it". Hopefully more will be in Vegas. . . . No more excuses of "family reunions" will be accepted"

"WOW! I need sleep and lots of it. . . . It was truly another great and wildly fun weekend. I enjoyed seeing and hanging out with all of you. To those of you that didn't make it to Orlando you missed a great time and I hope to see you all back in Vegas in 2 years."

"I have to say that I feel the same way about everyone. I feel so comfortable around you all, and if I didn't get to talk to you much, I'm sorry. I am a little shy, :)"

"I am still smiling a lot about last weekend's events and trying to understand what in the heck happened to leave me feeling this way. . . . All I know is I can't wait to see all of you again.

"I also have returned home from my trek to Mecca... I second Kathy's sentiment!!! Had a terrific time and hated to leave"

"Like the rest of you, I'm also still suffering from sleep deprivation, so will write more when my brain is once again fully operational. For the moment, just wanna say that it was SO cool to see everyone!!

"Somehow leaving Orlando this time wasn't as painful as leaving Las Vegas was two years ago and I think it's because now I really know in my heart that what we're doing is real and solid and we will continue to meet together and develop this bond we share. When we left Germany we didn't think we'd ever see each other again. When we left Las Vegas it was like leaving Germany all over again. But I think with each reunion we solidify our love for one another and that adds a richness to my life for which I am grateful."

Updated 8.22.02