Las Vegas - 2003!

Here are excerpts of posts from attendees to the Rhein Main Brats2003 "Mini" Reunion in Las Vegas. Click here to see photos. Be sure to join us for our big reunion in Las Vegas in September, 2004. Check back often for details.

I think all who were able to attend will be smiling ear to ear for months

I personally dont know when I have had so much fun, we haven't pulled so many all niters in damn who knows when What a time! I will recouperate in time for the next one, at least that's what the doctors think!!!!

Wow.....should be more like ouch. another week of that would have killed me, but I would have died with washboard abbs from laughing so much! I won't name any names, but some of the people had so much fun they never or barely left the hotel!

It was great to see everybody again after 30+ years, and it wasn't near as strange as I expected it might fact, it was probably one of the neatest experiences I have ever had....after just a few stories (lies?), it was just like old times....only the headaches were worse.

You guys didn't know me in Germany, but you made me feel like I belonged. Thanks . . .

Thanks for making another weekend special..i love you all very much

I have much, much more to say, but I really don't think that there are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the feelings I have right now

I don't know if it can be splained...I have yet to meet anyone who has such strong emotional ties to a period in their lives that, for some of us, was just a year or two. I have never even cared about going to my high school reunion, which is what most people think of terms of their best years. Some of us were in elementary , some in jr. high, some in high school...yet, we seem to be all connected to the time and place, not the age we were. And of course, we have all lived in many different places, as military brats,so why pick this one particular as so pivital in our collective memories? Any psych majors out there, please pipe up. All I know, is, I'm forever grateful to know that all these years, I was not alone in nursing my recollections of the most important formative year of my life. OK, enuf hungover disjointed rambling....

I don't think I have ever been around that many great freind's all in one and old". I for one will never forget it, This includes everyone, so I'm not going to do the name thing at this time, I am waaaayyyy to tired.

Anywho... gab & drink bier... gab & drink Tequila... gab & drink bier... some food... back to the hospitality suite.. gab & drink bier... gab & bash & slam some foosball... gab & drink some Jack... short break to go gambling... gab & drink beer... break for the big Saturday night dinner... back to hospitality suite... gab & drink bier... late night... and up again at 9am Sunday... back to the Suite to say good-byes... Hello all - I am one of the many lurkers who enjoys reading the postings rather than making them, but wanted to let y'all know that I received the postcard from Vegas with everyone's signature on it (I'm sure sweet Suzi intitiated that). That was so thoughtful of y'all to take time from your extreme partying to think about us less fortunate brats!

It's a little lonely here without those brats, huh?!? I bet they stayed up all night last night! Well, I guess I can't be sitting here feeling sorry for myself....I know I will see them again.

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