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My name is Sheri "Cantu" Somerville and I was a Rhein Main brat that lived in Langen Terrace in or about 1968-1970. I had 2 sisters Kathy and Mona and a brother Mike. I know that what I have to say to each and every R/M brat that my siblings will agree with me.

We met and had some of the best times and best friends who were practically family in Rhein Main. Those people that we only knew by face or name and said "Hi" to just passing by them in the hall to class were still part of the whole R/M experience. So, with that said I don't know a lot of our fellow loved ones who have left us, but the ones I do know, I am so lucky to have had them in my life for the short time that I did.

There will never be another "home" or friends like the ones I was grateful enough to have been acquainted with or friends with in Rhein Main in one way or the other. Those that have passed away and touched us in some way, I hope that their loved ones know that we (R/M Brats) are the ones who were blessed to have had them in our lives for just a fleeting moment.

Rhein Main and everyone that ever had the fortunate time to spend there, I'm sure left "home" with a little piece taken out of their heart. We were FAMILY at Rhein Main Air Force Base!

Jim Thomas was a big man with an even bigger heart. His warmth and sense of humor made him a pleasure to be around. He told me once that his birthday often fell on Labor Day and as a small boy, he believed that "everyone in the world" was celebrating his birthday at that time. Not a Labor Day goes by that I don't remember Jim with fondness.

Debi Petriscak Onken

Per was one of the first to befriend me upon my arrival to Rhein Main. Three years later, he was the last to say good-bye. He was my confidant, my "little brother," my friend. He was such an integral part of my life, I felt certain that we would one day see each other again.
Per, I will never forget you, your laugh, the good times we shared, or our favorite album - Close to the Edge...........

Close to the edge, down by the river,
Down at the end, round by the corner,
Seasons will pass you by.
Now that it's all over and done,
Called to the seed right to the sun.
Now that you find now that you're whole,
Seasons will pass you by.

I will always remember you,
Brenda Ramsey McLintock

I was sad when I heard that RMAB was closed as an US AB. Mostly because of Witzer Field, which was a Little League field on the road between Gateway Gardens and the operational part of the base.

Lest it be forgotten: Witzer Field was named in honor of Gregory Cebula, whose nickname was "Witzer." He was my best friend and sat behind me in Ms. Wingate's 3rd grade class when he died on Mother's Day, 1971, after being hit by a car that was passing a stopped school bus in Moerfelden on the preceding Friday. Greg was a bright boy with a good sense of humor who never caused anybody any grief. The last time I saw him, on that fateful Friday, he told me his dream was to be an Army sergeant. It was fitting that the RMAB community dedicate a Little League Field to him because he was a Little League player and enjoyed a good game of softball. Now I have no idea what has become of Witzer Field or of the plaque there which commemorated Greg. So many things in a military brat's life are transitory that I write this so that Gregory "Witzer" Cebula will not be forgotten even though the memorial Little League field may no longer exist. Luceat eo lux perpetua.

Andy Spiker

I met Forrest Pittman in the fall of 1970, shaking his hand for the first time on the stage in the Rhein Main Junior High auditorium. A few minutes later, we were playing music together, something we continued to do every chance we got until his death in 1990. Over the course of those 20 years, Forrest became one of my closest friends.

It's been ten years now since he passed away, and I still miss him terribly. It was my pleasure & my privilege to have known him.

Gary Usinger

Forrest Pittman was very sweet to a girl, who in high school had very low self esteem. He had a smile that would light up the room. I'll always remember his beauty, like an angel. Egg and I were sitting at a table at the reunion last year and a candle was burning, I think he was there at that moment, we were both missing him at our reunion. I really believe that people who have passed over can see the flame of a candle. While he was on this Earth he made a difference in my life. I thank him for this.

Jacque Marshall
Class of "73"

[I] was saddened to see that Forrest Pittman had passed away. He is one of the reasons that I became a rock drummer. I remember going into his basement and watching him play. I learned how to do a rim shot from him. I went on to be in several bands, including The Electric Web at Rhein Main with Ed Crawford and Kyle Pratt on guitar, Harlan Adams on bass and me on drums. We played two of the school dances in '71-'72 and several places around the base. In the summer of '73 we moved to Denver, CO and I played professionally in a band called Rama for a couple of years on the 3.2 Club Circuit. In a way, I owe that part of my life to Forrest who got me started on that path. Thanks Forrest!

Robert Moore
Class of '75

The Thompson sisters and I were great friends. I was closest probably to Betty since we were in the same grade. Marti her older sister and I were good friends. Her younger sister Debra was a lot younger than I. The Thompson sisters lived in Morfelden. We all caught the bus at the fountain and horsed around every morning. They were from Georgia and all had that distintive southern draw, hence their German was sort of different. There was always a party going on at the Thompson sister's house, and ususally I was there when it was going on. We had so many funny things happen to us. They are memories I will always cherish.

I was saddened to hear of Marti's and Debra's passing. I have thought of them several times over the years. Betty and I have talked on the phone. She lives in Eatonton, GA and is doing well.

Mark Feathers

Just thinking about Jon Ruckman's wild antics during our misspent youth brings a smile to my face... No one could do outrageous quite like Jon! :)

Although we only saw each other three or four times over the years after the Ruckmans left Rhein Main in '72 (the last time being around '94 or '95), somehow we never completely lost touch.

Jon was a loyal friend, and I'm certain that no one who knew him will ever forget him. It simply isn't possible.

Gary Usinger

Pete was one of the first people I met when we got to Rhein Main...I will always remember Pete as a happy and funny guy...One of my best friends at the time...a great ball player and good friend.

I was very sad to see that he was no longer with us...I still can't believe it!!! I was hoping to see him at the Reunion...we had some fun times together.

I will always remember Pete and cherish the memories that I have of him.

Curtis Hammond

I met Bevin when I was 14.. He was 19.. I was confused. .. well on my way to ruin.. He taught me to be true to my self, morals and self respect at a time when he could have lead me astray.. In my adult life I have reflected on some or our talks.. Always quiet spoken, always gentle, eye lit with understanding and light.. He contributed to my emotional well being in a troubled time.. I looked up to him, admired him, and respected him.. All whose life he touched will miss him. When I left Rhein Main he was one of many who came to the airport to see me go.. He kissed me on the cheek. told me to always be me.... He will always hold a special place in my heart and memories..

Debbie Stone Haigh

John was a special soul.. always searching for something I don't think he could define.. In love with many ,, never loved himself.. always searching..I was fortunate enough to know John twice in my life.. Once at Rhein Main then several years later at March AFB in Calif..Always a smile.. always a rebel..always a child searching for approval.. I pray dear John that you found peace before you left this world... I loved you not once. but twice.. I only hope that you finally found out what a truly special person you were..You're missed.

Debbie Stone Haigh

For Pinky

He shared his appreciation for the little things with so many of us. He truly never met a stranger and seemed to find a way to leave folks everywhere with a surprise of unexpected laughter, practicing his direct and sharp wit on any and everyone. Lex's other passion was music theory, but he always kept it real in his work. Known as the guitarists guitarist and for writing and playing with feeling. To many buddies you were his "Pod," "Mule," "Slarge," "Podge," or "King." He could be counted on by all of us for a saved up funny story, or a long discussion about current events or investing.

Through his example, Lex's children have learned what real success is. Laughter and a cozy home life were number one priority. Lex didn't have step-children . . . they were his children. Buddies with them and their friends. Long talks as equals. Lex was to our young son, Ry, as John Lennon to his son, Sean. Early morning breakfast and lunch making, driving to school, homework routines, starting dinner and a game of basketball then settling in for the evening.

I am ever so lucky to be the woman Lex loved. Lex taught me so much about how to live happily. We somehow figured out how to show appreciation for what we have each day and we supported each other's dreams. he put me and his children first. A truer husband and father there never was. The road ahead will be rough, but I believe I have enough love from my sweet Lex to last the rest of my life. It has truly been a love story.

Barbara Mohon

What a beautiful story, I remember Lex briefly when I saw the younger photo. May those cherishable memories stay fresh and close to your heart.

God Bless, Brenda Jackson

Anyone who knew Lex knows what an incredibly witty & funny guy he was...and what a formidable musician & vocalist he'd become. Not to mention what a GREAT couple he & Barbara made... I believe it was Suzi Blankenship who voted them Cutest Couple at the 2002 Orlando reunion! :)

Gary Usinger

He was such loving person, and a wonderful husband and father to Barb, and the kids. I was privileged to spend some time with him and Barb when they moved to New Mexico. Just so very talented, and so much fun to be around!! He called me "Miss Kathy".

He will be truly missed.

Kathy Lombard

You are very blessed Barbara to have known such love...and what a wonderful tribute to a truly great husband, father, friend and all around compassionate human being....God Bless you Barbara with inner peace and strength...we are with you...

Love, Vicki E.

Lex's passing is a loss to everyone who knew him, and while my own memories of him are vague, they are still there, and the news made my world stop for a moment.

Songs To Aging Children Come
by Joni Mitchell

Through the windless wells of wonder
By the throbbing light machine
In a tea leaf trance or under
Orders from the king and queen

Songs to aging children come
Aging children, I am one.

People hurry by so quickly
Don't they hear the melodies
In the chiming and the clicking
And the laughing harmonies

Songs to aging children come
Aging children, I am one

Some come dark and strange like dying
Crows and ravens whistling
Lines of weeping, strings of crying
So much said in listening

Songs to aging children come
Aging children, I am one

Does the moon play only silver
When it strums the galaxy
Dying roses will they will their
Perfumed rhapsodies to me

Songs to aging children came
This is one

Again, my condolences
David Careaga

He was a very talented, caring and friendly man...... and he almost as funny as me. We'll miss you Lex.

Vic Miera

I met Lex late in the summer of 1969 just before entering the 9th grade at Ding Dong. I had just moved to Morfelden and I was riding my bike around to check out the town. I saw these two kids out in a field playing with a football. I introduced myself to them and a friendship was started. The two kids were Gary May and Lex. Both of them were real nuts and were always goofing around. We hung out often after school and on the weekends. Lex and I played baseball together, he at second and me at first on the Rhein Main Astros. Lex always brought alot of joy to the guys on the team, always cutting up and making jokes. He really let loose when we went to Bremerhaven and Amsterdam with the team. I believe Lex probably coined the phrase "what a weed" when jokingly kidding someone, or at least he must have been the first one I heard it from.

Unfortunately, Gary May died in April of 78 in a car crash in North Carolina. Gary Usinger was the last one I know to have seen him later after graduation when Gary May had joined the Army.

Later on Lex moved on the base. He became good friends with the Marshall sisters and that's how I met them, through Lex. Another distinctive thing I remember is his Dad sold grandfather clocks. His whole apartment was full of them. It would drive you nuts when all those things went off on the hour. My Mom still has one of those clocks.

You never knew what Lex was going to come up with. We were hitch hiking across base one day and I think Ruckman was in the car with us. Halfway there Lex looks at the drivers feet and says, "those shoes suck." I sort of slumped down in the seat thinking this guy is going to pull over and throw us out.

I actually met Barbara in the summer of 70 I believe. Her best friend and I dated. They both lived in the same apartment building in Waldorf. Having known both Lex and Barbara very well during my youth was an honor and having known they both found each other after going through the RM Brat experience was an amazing story.

I really feel for Barbara and their kids. I know this is one of the toughest things they'll ever have to endure. But while we grieve for them, lets not forget all the good times that Lex brought to us. Surely he is cutting up right now. And Lex, if you see Gary, say hi to him for me.

Your friend Mark Feathers

It sure sounds like Lex was someone who truly understood the meaning of life! Good for him!
Andy Kopral

Angela Zeeck was a good friend to have. We were best friends in 7th and 8th grade in 1967 along with Joan Kilty. We kept in touch when Angela returned to the states. I got a chance to visit with her when her family was stationed by San Antonio, TX while we were still in high school. It was just like old times and we picked up being best friends again. R.I.P. dear friend.
Carol Priest

"'Storm' Harold L. Dour II, born June 16, 1954, has passed on 5/10/12, after an extended illness. Storm lived a full life of extremes during his 57 years. He was a loving husband & father. He gave 110% of himself to his family. His passions included traveling, fishing, hunting, artwork, and adventure sports (4-wheeling & snow machining). His talents included wood working, jewelry making, and carving. He loved & appreciated animals and nature. He has always had pets, especially dogs--his life was not complete though, until he had his children. They were the light of his life. He never thought anything would be as good as puppies, until then. He resided in Kodiak, AK for 15 years and then moved to Homer, AK for the last 17 years."

It sure upsets me to see an old friend go. I thought I'd locate Stormy again and let him know about the fun things we've been sharing lately, when I found the bad news. RIP old buddy... we loved you.
Richard Axtman

Maureen's brother Joe O'Neil has a memorial website for her here.

Our friend, Kevin Robinson, passed away in 2012 after dealing with two illnesses. I only learned of his death recently and find myself devastated. As a young teen, he was the same as an adult: Bright, kind, adventurous, and most certainly always ready to have some fun. He had so much fun at the Orlando Reunion, playing drums for all of our collective musicians. Once, he visited Pensacola where Lex and I lived and we met up with Rawleigh Tremain for drinks a few times. Several years later, Lex and I, with our kids, visited he and his wife at their condo in Destin, Florida, where they served us boiled lobster and loads laughter. Kevin told me how happy he was to be looking forward to retirement after his successful career as a chiropractor. The last I heard from him, in that year 2012, he sounded happy, in love with his wife and two sons and all of life. I miss him being on this planet. ~ Barbara Swalley Mohon

Brats - 75'er

Rawleigh Tremain, Barbara Swalley Mohon, Kevin Robinson on Pensacola Beach, Florida

Dave, Kathy and Kevin, Orlando Reunion

Orlando Reunion Group Shot

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